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EOI Company LLC was incorporated in 2009, with its head office in Dubai. With a mission statement to be a world-class company that invests in viable and profitable entities, both existing and start-ups, EOI Company has emerged as an assertive, market-led organization. Besides identifying and securing attractive industrial and investment opportunities in the U.A.E, the Gulf and in the world, it also recognises existing businesses that have potential, but require capital to expand. EOI Company contributes the requisite assets, therefore becoming a joint venture partner.

Olympus properties broker has grown to become privately owned and operated real estate company in the U.A.E market. With three offices staffed by more than 20 professionals, highly skilled people, the Olympus properties broker has the strength of a powerhouse while maintaining the intimate, neighbourly type of service we pride ourselves on. After all, the way company have grown to be the biggest has been by treating every client as though they are the most important person who has ever walked through our doors. Nearly 45% of our new clients are referred to us by previously satisfied clients.

Mouloud Hamidi
Mr. Mouloud Hamidi is the President and Chief Executive Officer of EOI Company, and Olympus Properties – Dubai city’s well known privately owned and operated residential & commercial real estate and investment company. Mr. Hamidi, with vast experience in Luxury fleet management, real estate and investment portfolio business, came to Dubai in 1998. He had been operating 100 luxury car fleet in company formed under the name of Classic Limousine Services in Paris from 1994 till 1997. He started his Real estate Business by forming a company named Al Nawal real estate, a brokerage company with highly skilled and experienced staff. In 2005, Olympus Properties Broker was formed with partnership of His Highness Sheikh Mana Bin Hashir Al Maktoum (Member of the Ruling Family of Dubai). Olympus Properties opened door for him to serve the international clients from Europe, America, Far East and Asia. After the huge success of Olympus Properties Broker, in 2009 Emirates Overseas Investments Company LLC came into existence.

Mr. Hamidi provides the strategic leadership that has seen the company grow from 1 office with 7 staff in 2004, when he first started business, to its current number of 3 offices and 20 staff. Cognizant of the highly aggressive U.A.E real estate market, where his company is based, Mr. Hamidi is constantly updating and refining practices that enable Olympus Properties to maintain their standing as one of the most respected brokerage firms in the entire city.

Mr. Hamidi also manages the company’s marketing, advertising and public relations efforts. A proponent of a synchronized, multi-level communications approach, he works to ensure that his group remains front-of-face with consumer and trade audiences through targeted campaigns.
He is a staunch supporter of continuing education. “Training is essential in today’s market,” he says. “The industry changes almost daily, and if you don’t keep up, you’re out.”

Mr. Hamidi is most proud of group’s family environment that encourages the company to play a caring, nurturing role within the communities where it operates. The organisation regularly contributes to a variety of local charities, including AWQAF, a charity works for Orphans and poor families in the U.A.E.[/fusion_text][/fullwidth]